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Sailing the Hoppy Waters: Packaging and Quality Assurance

Hop water is going mainstream thanks to its broad appeal and low cost of entry for small breweries. In the second of a two-part series on producing hop water safely and profitably, we zoom in on production, packaging, and the importance of testing.

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Quality Control: Dealing with Diacetyl

Understanding this off-flavor, how to test for it, and how to reduce it is key to producing commercially viable beer.

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Sailing the Hoppy Waters and Capitalizing

Bubbly, dry, quenching, and unencumbered by alcohol, calories, or carbs, hop water is gaining momentum—but is it a fit for your brewery? In the first of a two-part series, here are some key considerations.

Infographic: The Hops Pullback

As hop growers and the brewing industry manage an ongoing hop surplus, farmers this year planted fewer acres. But will that mean fewer hops? Here, we sketch out the past 15 years of hop acreage, as well as hops kept in stock over that time.

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Fruit in the Forecast: The Challenge (and Upside) of Planning Ahead

Whether using whole fruit or purees, breweries benefit by estimating their needs in advance.

Maui Brewing Launches Fire-Relief Collaboration

The Hawaii-based brewery plans to release a beer called Kokua, with all proceeds going to relief efforts, and it invites all interested breweries to join the project and brew a Kokua beer.

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Under the Microscope: 9 Fermentation Myths, Debunked

Are common misconceptions contaminating your cellar? We asked the yeast labs about what things brewers often get wrong. Here’s their advice.

First West Coast IPA National Throwdown Names Its Champs

Organized by the Oregon Brewers Guild and open to breweries across the country, the inaugural Best of the West Coast IPA National Throwdown recently named its winners from among 200 entries.

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Hops Insider: Searching for Synergy

The art of hop blending is getting a nudge from science. Research from Great Britain and Japan identifies hops and compounds that work better when they’re together—and they can also simulate the profiles of more sought-after varieties.

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Breweries Face Tough Decisions on UPCs

Walmart, the country’s largest retailer, says it will require unique UPCs for each seasonal and variety pack—and other stores may follow suit. From the potential for packaging headaches to changing sales data, here’s what breweries need to know.