The Beer Ticker: Post-Nashville Hot Chicken Recovery Edition

From a new association for Black American brewers to the top beer in Africa, here are some news and announcements from around the industry.

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Developing New Sales Models in a Tough Market

With tighter competition, fewer wholesalers, and lower wholesaler interest, small breweries are looking for incremental ways to grow sales. That’s led to new models and some new opportunities—but there are no easy paths.

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Canning Line Nightmares: What to Know About Megasphaera and Pectinatus

As brewers, we love our low DO levels and our cans of light, crisp lager in the summertime. Unfortunately, so do a couple of the stealthiest spoilage organisms known to the beer industry.

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Don’t Break in Case of Emergency: Preparing for the Next Disaster

As damaging weather events become more common, breweries should consider whether investing in backup equipment now could help save money in the long term.

Infographic: Brewing Industry Burnout, Quantified

A recent survey found a high degree of occupational exhaustion among people who work various jobs in the brewing industry. Here we present the responses graphically as a violin plot.

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Copacking Offers Another Route to Product Diversity

For some breweries looking beyond beer, copackers have become vital partners for launching new products. Here’s what to know when weighing your options.

The Beer Ticker: Industry News & Notes, Spring Thaw Edition

From Bay Area acquisitions to big new taprooms in the Midwest, here are some news and announcements from around the industry.

Infographic: The Top 50 Craft Brewers by Volume in 2023

This week the Brewers Association updated its annual list of the top 50 craft brewers in the United States by volume of beer produced, so we’ve updated our infographic that tracks the shifts in rankings and new arrivals each year.

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Under the Microscope: Getting to Know Exogenous Enzymes

Better brewing through chemistry? From avoiding stuck mashes to boosting hop aroma while dodging diacetyl (and decreasing tank time), there may be multiple uses for exogenous enzymes in your brewery.

Case Study: Notch Brewing Leans into a Strong Point of View

In Massachusetts, Notch has carved a niche for traditional lagers and ales of modest strength and for bar service that honors those traditions—and, along the way, its confident approach has had an outsized influence on the industry.