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So, You Want to Export?

There is growing demand abroad for local, niche products—including beer. Even smaller breweries can tap into that sales channel. Here’s how to evaluate your brewery’s potential to export beer abroad.

New Initiative Connects Breweries with Training to Make Bars, Taprooms Safer for All

Launched by beer professionals, the Safe Bars PACT encourages codes of conduct and training to help prevent gender-based harassment.

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How Yeast Can Help Smaller Breweries Join the NA Beer Game

There are only so many ways to make a low- or no-alcohol beer, and none provide an easy route to a product that tastes good—especially for smaller breweries. However, one increasingly viable option is specialized yeast. Here’s how it works.

BY: Don Tse

Cape May Brewing Has No Secret Sauce

With careful planning and carefree beers, the New Jersey brewery took itself from a Shore town taproom to a three-state powerhouse.

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Hops Insider: Promising Harvest Despite Fires & Climate Fears

Despite early warnings of climate change—with all its potential for volatility and disasters—growers in the Pacific Northwest say they may have a record harvest this year.

Gearing Up to Brew Lager

Great lager depends upon exacting attention to details—and not only when it comes to fermentation and conditioning. Here we look at brewhouses specifically designed with lager in mind, to better appreciate what makes them different.

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Terroir by the Ton: Regionally Adapted Malt Has a Future

Efficiency and the needs of industry have dominated North American barley growing, limiting what’s grown and where. However, independent brewers seeking locally grown options are spurring the development of new, distinctive varieties in unusual places.

BY: Ben Keene

Q&A: Sierra Nevada Founder Ken Grossman

Innovation then, innovation now... One of the world’s most influential brewers shares insights into Sierra Nevada’s creative and technical processes, outlining their philosophy as they push into the “beyond-beer” realm.

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How to Keep Ahead of the Crunch on Cans

Even as the shortage of aluminum cans gradually eases, supply-chain issues are wreaking havoc on price and availability. Here are specific tips for making sure you have the packaging you need, when you need it.

Infographic: Barley By The Numbers

Why do hop varieties get all the love? With the help of data from the American Malting Barley Association, here’s a glimpse at the varieties that make up the bulk of U.S.-grown malting barley and where those varieties are grown.