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Marketing Beer, Direct to the Consumer

Thanks to the changing face of online sales, it’s possible for all beer to be local. Now might be the time to jump on the bandwagon.

BY: John Holl

The Barristers: Protect Your Competitive Edge Without Sacrificing Your Culture

Is your brewery striking the right balance between protecting its information and keeping the brewery an appealing place to work?

Brewhouse Equipment: Thinking Ahead on Design

Smart brewhouse planning can reduce costs. Brewery consultant Ray Astamendi offers wisdom that may not be obvious to those building or upgrading their brewhouses.

Case Study: Confluence Brewing Company

One of Iowa's largest craft breweries has grown by controlling its own distribution. From the early growler days to the current growth of cans, they’ve found that a personal touch helps them to stay in-demand and get beer to those who want it.

BY: John Holl

Q & A with Garrett Marrero, Founder of Maui Brewing

When everything you need to make beer is more than 2,000 miles away, you learn to adapt. Here, the founder of Maui Brewing talks with John Holl about sustainability, canned cocktails, and the need to diversify.

BY: John Holl

Gear Prudence: Shop Smart When Buying Brewing Equipment

Be skeptical. Do your due diligence, diligently. Boost the odds that your new brewhouse will actually reach your brewery, and your fermentor purchase will improve your future—not tank it.

Brewers Get Fresh Stats to Show Contribution to US Economy

Brewers Association releases its annual report on economic impact.

Big Brewery, Little Maltster

Tim Matthews of Oskar Blues is working to help solve a “major illiteracy problem in malt” by swapping out a portion of his brewery's commercial malt for stuff from small, local maltsters.

BY: John Holl

New Nano-Brewhouse Promises Power and Efficiency

Milwaukee-based Spike Brewing debuts the Spike Nano, a turnkey brewing system.

Beer Groups Launch New Push to Win over Liquor & Wine Drinkers

“Beers to That” campaign comes as liquor, hard seltzer, low-carb options surge.