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Hops Insider: Choosing Higher-Yield, Lower-Impact Hops

There are many varieties of hops with significantly lower environmental impact than some older, popular varieties—and more are on the way. But will brewers embrace them?

Wild Fields Wins Again

This tiny brewpub on California’s Central Coast recently put the beer world on notice when, at the World Beer Cup, it pulled off what should have been impossible—then very nearly did it again at GABF. Here’s how it happened.

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Under the Microscope: Six Tips to Improve Your Fermentations

Happy yeast make better beer and a stronger brewing business. Here are some tips from the yeast whisperers to maximize your fermentations and lock in greater consistency.

Behind The Bar: Don’t Raise Prices, Draw a Crowd

Make it fun for them: Amid rising costs and changing customer habits, there are untapped opportunities to pack them in and maximize sales with creative events and activities.

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Reduce, Capture, Recycle: Emerging Tech Could Combat CO2 Shortages

Whether we’re sucking it directly from the air or recapturing it from active fermentation, several factors—shortages, rising costs, and environmental concerns—are nudging more breweries away from dependence on external CO2 supply.

Case Study: DC Brau Is Lobbying for Mainsteam Success in the Beltway

After 11 years in business in the nation’s capital, DC Brau is banking on a nostalgia-infused mainstream lager and a neighborhood taproom to keep the local love flowing.

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Hops Insider: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly News from Harvest 2022

Northern Hemisphere harvests are down, with Saaz hit the hardest. Weather disruptions are on the rise, and so are costs, making long-term planning essential. In the short-term, it may be a year of substitutions—especially for lagers.

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Q&A: Highland CEO Leah Wong Ashburn

At the helm of North Carolina’s Highland Brewing, founded by her father Oscar Wong in 1994, Leah Wong Ashburn discusses how they’re doubling down on people, values, and experience in today’s challenging environment.

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Drinkers Decoded: What Market Research Says about Today’s Consumers

These demographic insights could help you please the fans you already have—and, potentially, win the ones you don’t have yet.

Thirst Responders: The Convivial Business of Draft Beer on Wheels

These entrepreneurs outfitting classic hot rods and fire engines with draft lines and cold boxes say they’re in the business of spreading joy—and in the meantime, they’re winning new converts to craft beer.