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Case Study: Green Bench Brewing

Deep roots in the community and wide-open doors were in the schematics of Green Bench Brewing of St. Petersburg, Florida, from the start. Since then, head brewer and co-owner Khris Johnson has shepherded the brewery from strength to strength.

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Designing Labels: The Craft Behind the Art

What’s the story behind that eye-catching label? Ale Sharpton asked three breweries about their favorite designs from 2020 and about how they came into being.

Infographic: The Brewery Tech Stack

It’s unusual to get wide visibility into the accounting, POS, communication, and e-commerce systems used by breweries, but a recent survey by Ekos offers a snapshot. Here are the takeaways.

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In Packs and Off-Premise, Revolution is Thriving

A strong off-premise retail strategy—including smart packaging decisions—is helping to keep Chicago’s Revolution Brewing afloat during the pandemic.

Joint Operations: Canadian Cannabis Firm Buys Atlanta’s SweetWater

The Ontario-based Aphria calls its $300 million acquisition of the “420” brewer a “strategic entry into the United States.”

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The Great Outdoors? Taprooms Try Different Ways to Keep ’Em Coming

Knowing that business will slow as the weather gets frosty—especially amid fears that indoor areas are less safe—breweries are taking different tacks to keep attracting drinkers to their patios and beer gardens.

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As Rough Winter Approaches, Brewers Look for Silver Linings

Drinkers are visiting less but spending more when they do. Package and store sales remain strong, while draft margins remain scant. Here we round up some recent data and analyses relevant to independent brewers.

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Recapitalizing for Growth in the Pandemic Economy

Recapitalizations may sweep through the craft-beverage world, according to Martin W. Saylor and John D. Wagner of 1st West Mergers & Acquisitions. But what is a recap? And how does it differ from an acquisition?

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Q&A: Steven Pauwels of Boulevard Brewing

The Belgian brewmaster of the Midwestern craft pioneer discusses the new growth in core brands, the challenge of balancing the COVID-era desire for efficient purchases with the yen to explore, and the dramatic acceleration of hard seltzer.

Selling Beer: Forecasting Through Uncertainty

Predicting future sales is always tricky, but the pandemic’s shifting regulations and purchasing behaviors have magnified the difficulty. Ross Ackerman and Bud Dunn of GP Analytics share strategies to manage risk and make smarter production decisions.