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The Climate Crisis is Coming for the Barley Crop

Growers, breeders, maltsters, and brewers will need to adapt faster than they have in the past if they’re going to keep up with accelerating change.

BY: Ben Keene

Carbon Neutral Toolkit Aims to Help Breweries Act on Climate Change

Produced and made freely available by New Belgium Brewing in Colorado, the new resource is meant to help breweries of all sizes make plans to measure and reduce their carbon footprints.

Industry All Access Exclusive

Getting Carded: How to Successfully Require Proof of Vaccinations

As vaccination rates lag and the Delta variant surges, some breweries are choosing to require proof of vaccination for staff or customers; in some places, it’s required by law. Here’s how some are implementing such policies while minimizing complications.

Avoid Kettle Boilovers: BA Publishes New Resource

The Brewers Association has issued new guidance to help prevent dangerous boilovers in the brewhouse.

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Hops Insider: Keeping Up with the New Hop Products

New hop-derived products for aroma and flavor are appearing faster than brewers can learn how best to use them. Stan Hieronymus is here with a primer.

Brave Noise Collab Aims to Sustain Anti-Sexism Push

The recent social media–fueled reckoning in the beer industry has led to a new open-source collaboration. Brave Noise aims to continue the conversation about sexism, discrimination, and workplace culture at breweries worldwide.

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Help Wanted: Breweries Rethink Employment to Adjust to Staff Shortages

As unfilled hospitality jobs set new records, breweries may need to reconsider pay, benefits, and culture to better lure and keep good people.

Phil Markowski Wants to Keep It Real with Hard Seltzer

Two Roads cofounder and brewmaster Phil Markowski has embraced hard seltzer as a beverage that has its time and place. Here, he discusses the development of their groundbreaking H2Roads hard seltzer.

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Coming Soon: Even More Yeast Strains, Thanks to New & Old Tech

Brewers have never had more choices when it comes to yeast, and the arrival of new strains is accelerating thanks to selective breeding and gene editing. Bespoke yeasts, anyone?

BY: Don Tse

Outside the Beer Box: New Solutions, for the New Solutions

The rising interest in hard seltzer and other not-so-beery beverages—including kombucha, wine, coffee, and more—has led to new looks at existing gear in the brewhouse—as well as investments in equipment or partnerships that could have wider benefits.