Infographic: Tracking the Brewers Association Top 50

The Brewers Association's list of top 50 craft brewers (ranked by volume) has seen some shifts over the years. We first mapped this out in 2015, and we update it ever year. Here’s the latest snapshot of growth, contraction, and consolidation.

Taproom Restart: Shutdown, Startup, and Quality Draft Beer

Neil Witte, draft-beer wizard and founder of Craft Quality Solutions and Tapstar, offers practical tips on ensuring that untainted beer flows from draft systems that have been idle.

A Year without Festivals… But Not without Medals

GABF goes online this year—our pretzel necklaces will look fine on Zoom—while the competition will proceed with care. August 28 is the deadline to submit beers.

Behind the Bar: Sketching Out Hospitality's “New Normal”

Greg Engert, beer director of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, shares his insights into how beer sales and service—in bars, restaurants, and taprooms—may continue to look in the months to come.

Brewhouse Trends: Starting Small, Growing with Care

The times, they are a-changin’. Gone is the old startup mantra of “plan big for growth,” replaced by a lean “test the concept and grow with demand” philosophy. That's pushing equipment manufacturers toward innovative, scalable solutions.

Garrett Oliver Launches Scholarship Fund for Minority Brewers

The Brooklyn brewmaster says the Michael Jackson Foundation for Brewing and Distilling will award scholarships for people of color to attend technical courses and become industry leaders.

Case Study: Scratch Brewing

Plan your detours: This tiny, made-from-scratch southern Illinois brewery has become a destination by specializing in highly drinkable beers made from seasonal ingredients—such as mushrooms, tree bark, or leaves—that its duo find or grow themselves.

Brewhouse Trends: Strategic Investment, Outsized Returns

There are infinite ways to spend on newer, fancier, bigger, more automated, and more efficient brewhouse gear. But which upgrades get the best ROI? Here we delve into the decisions and upgrades that get better returns for breweries of varying sizes.

Selling Beer: When (And When Not) to Rebrand

Times change, the market evolves, and your brewery's branding may not be the great fit it once was. In this excerpt from their book "Craft Beer, Rebranded," Isaac Arthur and Cody Fague of CODO Design address that big question of when to rebrand.

“Healthier” Booze: It's a Lifestyle (Trend)

The sales numbers don’t lie: Many drinkers are looking for what they see as healthier ways to imbibe. To meet that demand, do you need new equipment? Can you use what you already have? Here are some specific techniques (and gear) to consider.