The Beer Ticker: Maui Bids to Buy Modern Times, and Other News

From HopTea to Howdy Beer, here are some recent news and announcements from across the beer industry.

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Faithful to the Field: Putting Raw Grains to Work in the Brewery

In pursuit of character and in support of farms, brewers are looking to unmalted grains, including unusual varieties and those grown close to home.

For Craft Brewers, Mixed Signals on Higher Beer Prices

Everyone’s costs are up, with no return to “normal” in sight. Big Beer is raising its prices and profiting. So, is it time to raise your own prices? Not necessarily.

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Call It a Comeback: Breweries Revive Historic Lagers for the 21st Century

Driven by nostalgia, hometown connections, and the chance to sell some beer at volume, a handful of independent breweries are successfully reviving long-lost local lager brands.

Lobbying for Brewers: Measures that Matter in 2022

On behalf of independent breweries, Brewers Association lobbyists are prioritizing issues such as direct-to-consumer shipping, support for hospitality businesses, and tax changes that could put breweries at a disadvantage on retail shelves.

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Hops Insider: What’s New, Post-CBC Edition

As usual, the recent Craft Brewers Conference was a chance for hop suppliers to unveil new products and projects relevant to brewers—pelletized wet hops, concentrated Nelson Sauvin, the arrival of Luminosa, the hop harvests Down Under, and more.

Case Study: Mujeres

The women of San Diego’s Mujeres Brew Club elevated their beer-education group into a full-fledged coop brewery. Now, their goals to educate, empower, and employ women in beer are more valued than ever—and it’s a model that could work anywhere.

Selling Beer: The Changing Nature of Sales Calls

The pandemic streamlined the process of selling beer to accounts—and some of those changes are here to stay. While many embrace a return to in-person meetings, others prefer texts or online. To succeed today, sales reps need a more customized approach.

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Let’s Go, Let’s Show, Let’s Rodeo: Lessons in Fresh Hopping

Fresh-hopped beers are becoming an increasingly viable option for breweries located far from harvest. Here are lessons from some wet-hop veterans on using the fresh, the green, and the unkilned.

The Beer Ticker: Industry News & Notes, Pre-CBC Edition

From diversity at CBC to a brewery-led market hall with pet groomers, here are some happenings and announcements from around the industry.