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“The Great Reshuffling”: How to Adapt to the Labor Crunch

Even as the jobs outlook improves, breweries are still struggling to find qualified workers for all types of positions. To find and keep staff, brewery operators—and the industry more broadly—need to consider the bigger picture and think longer term.

Here Come the Hand Pumps! (No, Really.)

There are signs that brewers and drinkers are emerging from a relatively monotonous haze phase to re-embrace more choices via lagers, traditional styles—and even cask ales. From Behind the Bar, here is specific advice on adding cask to your bar or taproom.

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Get Ahead of the Season Ahead: Tight Barley Supply in 2022

A poor harvest in North America last year is combining with hot weather and war in Europe to constrain supply and raise prices. However, there are reasons to be optimistic. Here’s what you need to know to stay on top of your malt supply.

Case Study: Urban Artifact Doubles Down on Fruit

From a 19th-century former church in Cincinnati, Urban Artifact is building a national reputation driven by heavily fruited, tart (and shelf-stable) beers and direct-to-consumer sales.

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The Tropical Trend: Getting More Tiki from Mixed Fermentations

Brewers have become adept at squeezing more fruit flavors out of their hops as well as producing lush fruit beers that evoke tropical cocktails. However, there is another way to amplify those crowd-pleasing flavors in your beers.

Recapturing CO2: It’s a Gas

Brewers are dumping their blow-off buckets and reusing precious carbon dioxide rather than releasing it into the atmosphere. The benefits include cost savings, reducing greenhouse emissions—and, some say, better beer.

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How to Move More Merch

Pulling double-duty in terms of revenue and marketing, merchandise can be a lucrative source of extra cash for small breweries. Here are five strategies to sell swag that drinkers can’t wait to buy.

Q&A: 3 Fonteinen’s Werner van Obberghen

The business of supporting a creative brewing and blending enterprise is always delicate, but in the case of 3 Fonteinen, the weight of history and the expectations that come with brewing inside a storied tradition can create additional challenges.

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Putting the Room in Taproom: Hospitality Design with Space to Breathe

Two years of pandemic have altered hospitality and the beer industry in meaningful ways. Here’s a look at how COVID has—and hasn’t—shifted taproom architecture and design.

Infographic: Hops In, Hops Out

Hops are an international crop. Here, we’ve charted the inflows and outflows of the U.S. hop market, as suppliers ship to brewers around the world and as American brewers import mainly from Europe, Oceania, and Britain.