Case Study: West Sixth Farm

When Lexington, Kentucky-based West Sixth Brewing bought 125 acres in rural Franklin County, it learned that agriculture is only one part of the equation.

Don't Quit Your Day Job

If you’re going to run a small brewery, there’s no rule that says you have to do it full-time. Here are the perspectives of two entrepreneurs who went pro without giving up their other careers.

Multiple Taprooms: The Strategic Approach

There are no better margins on beer than for that sold over a brewery’s own bar. Yet, additional taprooms are not a recipe for instant profit. Adam Robbings, founder of Reuben’s Brews, explores the considerations to make when planning for expansion.

Behind the Bar: Pouraphernalia

Brewing marches onward—but presentation sadly lags behind, failing to do the product justice. Greg Engert, beer director of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, offers the latest tools of the trade to help bars and taprooms rise to the challenge.

Case Study: Wolves & People

Christian DeBenedetti once wrote about beer. Now he makes it—collecting wild yeast from bees and plums and using oak puncheons for primary fermentation. In Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the future of Wolves & People remains unwritten.

#IAmCraftBeer Has Momentum. Where to Next?

It started as a tweet, in response to the sort of anonymous personal attack that has become all too common online. Then it struck a chord, and it snowballed. That ball is still rolling.

Q&A: Canarchy’s Tim Matthews

The VP of global brewing for Canarchy (the parent company of Oskar Blues, Cigar City, and others) shares his thoughts on developing a thoughtful and open approach to the ingredient supply chain.

Widening the Welcome

In a predominantly white and male industry, there are still some clear, common-sense avenues for getting more people—and more kinds of people—to apply for jobs and give your taproom a try.

Case Study: Moody Tongue

In this era of stripped-down industrial taprooms and food trucks, Moody Tongue’s classy new Dining Room in Chicago offers $155 pairing menus. Behind the scenes: a brewer who thinks like a chef, and a chef who drinks like a brewer.

Is Lager Really Having a Moment?

Be still, my beating heart: There are data to back up the oft-repeated (or is it oft-wished?) observation that lager may be the next big thing.