The CBC Goes Virtual

The Brewers Association unveils a plan to host an online version of the Craft Brewers Conference, featuring a schedule full of free seminars, open to anyone.

Latest BA Survey Results Paint Bleak Picture

Breweries looking at likely closures and layoffs as pandemic continues indefinitely.

Craft Maltsters Guild Survey: 94 Percent Impacted by COVID-19

As reduced sales are hitting craft brewers during the pandemic, so are they hitting craft maltsters in turn.

How This Startup Is Helping Breweries to Manage To-Go and Delivery Orders—for Free.

Breweries now face the problem of managing to-go and delivery service at scale. Enter 2ndKitchen 2Go, a completely free platform built to help breweries survive the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19.

Case Study: The Ale Apothecary

Stubborn idealism meets commercial reality at one of the country’s best-regarded mixed-fermentation breweries. But as the market continues to change, how will the brewery’s strategy change with it?

Announcing the Craft Beer & Brewing Cares $100,000 Grant Program

We’re offering $100,000 in free advertising to small businesses that have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep reading for info on how to apply.

Major Stimulus Gains Traction in D.C.: What’s in There for Brewers?

Negotiators have reached a deal on an unprecedented $2 trillion economic stimulus package. It includes many provisions that affect independent breweries and other small businesses struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Q&A: J.C. Tetreault of Trillium

Grown from an alleyway spot in a developing neighborhood to a regional powerhouse with satellite taprooms, restaurant, farm, and retail, this Boston-based brewery has matured through growing pains and taken some calculated risks.

Lilypad: Industry Leaders Weigh in on Beer Sales Best Practices

Lilypad's Beer Sales Best Practices Blog and E-Book is packed with specific recommendations that could reshape how you manage your sales teams, adapt in an ever-changing market, and assess the future of craft brewing.

Experts to Brewers: Here’s What to Say to Your Lawmakers

In an unprecedented crisis, the U.S. government will try to mitigate the damage to the economy and small businesses. But what form will those measures take, and how soon? Here are specific recommendations for brewers calling their lawmakers today.