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Under the Microscope: Brewing a Sense of Place with Wild Yeast

What does “local” taste like? Ask a microbe. From clean lagers to funky farmhouse ales, capturing yeast from your brewery’s backyard can lead to distinctive products that belong to their locale.

The Brewer Who Would “Never Sell Out” Sells to Sapporo

Japanese beermaker Sapporo announced that is purchasing Stone Brewing, one of the most influential and vocally independent U.S. craft brewers of the past few decades.

Q&A: Odell’s Brendan McGivney and Eric “Smitty” Smith

At times, Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado, has flirted with becoming a major national player. These days, McGivney as COO and Smitty as CEO are looking instead to dig deeper locally, appealing to a broader base of drinkers in their regional market.

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Hops Insider: Can I Show You Something in a Pellet?

In the first of a three-part series focusing on hop products that weren’t available to 20th-century brewers, Stan Hieronymus zooms in on all the potential of a pellet.

Infographic: Packaging Trends

Consumer preference around packaging format is a moving target. Here, we visualize packaging on a global scale as well as recent movement in consumer trends in the United States.

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When the Answer to “Beyond Beer”… Is Beer

Fruit beers with straightforward flavors and familiar inspirations may be all that breweries need to keep up with ready-to-drink canned cocktails. (The little umbrellas are optional.)

Arryved Acquires Craftpeak, Plans to Integrate Point-of-Sale and Online Presence of Brewery Clients

Two tech companies that specialize in supporting independent brewing businesses are merging, as the Arryved point-of-sale developer says it is acquiring online-focused Craftpeak.

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Amidst Affordable Housing Crisis, Some Breweries Become Landlords

As rentals have become unavailable or unaffordable in towns where workers live, breweries weigh a novel solution: providing housing for employees.

Packaging Trends: The Digital Printing Revolution Is Coming for Craft

Ongoing supply-chain problems and concerns about recyclability make digital can printing a promising option in the years to come—which is why packaging companies are investing in printers and banking on growth.

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Under the Microscope: Better Beer with House Yeast?

Is your small brewery ready for its own house yeast strain? Here are some key factors to consider, from sourcing it to keeping a close eye on it.