Editor’s Notebook: Lager and Hops, Best Friends Forever

Kevin Ashford, the award-winning brewmaster at Central California’s Figueroa Mountain, has some thoughts on the future of lager and New World hops. Are we already looking at the next pivotal moment in the evolution of craft beer?

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Beyond the Ale Trail: Breweries Collaborate to Attract and Retain Guests

Independent of state guilds and tourism boards, breweries are teaming up in creative ways to encourage multi-brewery visits.

The Beer Ticker: Industry News & Notes, the Crisp and CRISPR Edition

From the latest Anchor twist to hazy genes, here are some news and announcements from around the industry.

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Brewing with Malted Corn? We’re All Ears!

While malted corn isn’t always easy to work with, craft maltsters and brewers are figuring out how best to use what is essentially a new and flavorful ingredient. As interest grows, so will the options and the expertise.

Gearhead: Yeast Just Want to Have Fun!

Brewers don’t make beer, yeast do—but they also make a lot more yeast. Here’s a look at some of the specialized gear that brewers use to propagate and ensure consistent pitches from batch to batch.

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Hops Insider: Decoding the Hop Market

Growers have reduced acreage, but that’s only part of a complex story. As the 2023 harvest approaches, balancing the market means reducing surpluses and figuring out how to do a better job of measuring true demand.

Case Study: Talea Beer

For an industry that struggles to attract new kinds of customers, there are lessons to be learned at Talea Beer. Cofounded by Tara Hankinson and LeAnn Darland, the brewery and its taprooms are building a strong following among the women of New York City.

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Solving for Pie: Three Ways to Lure Them with Pizza

Simply having great beer is no longer enough, and on-site pie is a hit any way you slice it. Using pizza as a prism, here are three operational approaches to drawing more customers with food.

Q&A: Roadhouse Cofounder Colby Cox

The cofounder of Roadhouse Brewing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, discusses growing with confidence, the challenges of integration, and how sustainability helps the bottom line.

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Under the Microscope: Fermentation Under Pressure

A method known to the largest lager brewers and many homebrewers remains relatively rare at small breweries—pressure fermentation. When properly applied, it can be an effective way to trim tank time and control the quality of cleaner-fermenting beers.