Out to Dry: Southwest Water Shortages Offer Lessons for All

The American Southwest is facing historic reductions in something that breweries use in great quantity: water. The situation is politically fraught, but there are ways that breweries can reduce their water use and make a difference.

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GPOs: Bigger Buying Power for Smaller Breweries

They can’t do it all, but group purchasing organizations offer a way for smaller breweries to access substantial savings on needed materials and key services. Here’s what to know.

Infographic: The Long Tail of American Craft Breweries

When we talk about the number of breweries in the United States—roughly 9,200 today—we often overlook the fact that the vast majority of them produce relatively tiny amounts of beer compared to the rest.

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Under the Microscope: The Widening World of Acidification

Quick acidification has become an important tool in the flavor kit of craft breweries worldwide. Brewers have honed their methods while labs have added plenty of new options. So, how well do you know your microbes?

The Beer Ticker: Industry News & Notes, IPA Is Dead Edition

From retail woes to baby cans of grownup beer, here are some recent news and announcements from around the industry.

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Hops Insider: What’s Up Down Under, Oz & Beyond Edition

Hop harvest in the Southern Hemisphere begins soon. In this second of two reports on what’s new with hops down South, we focus on three distinct regions: Australia, South Africa, and Argentina.

Behind the Bar: Time to Recommit to Beer

In an increasingly competitive environment awash with beverage variety, craft beer can win by recommitting to what made it great in the first place.

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Shop Smart: Expert Tips for Buying Used Brewhouse Equipment

Buying equipment is one of the most expensive things a brewery can do—and the process is fraught with risks. Here are some dos and don’ts from two experts on evaluating, buying, and transporting major gear.

The Beer Ticker: Industry News & Notes, New Year Edition

From an icon going hazy to resealable beer cans, here are some recent news and announcements from around the industry.

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Facing the New (No-)Growth Reality

Barring a dramatic shift in the forecast, independent breweries should be planning for a future of low—or even no—sales growth. The safest path forward includes reducing risk, optimizing cash flow, and focusing on profitability.