Recapturing CO2: It’s a Gas

Brewers are dumping their blow-off buckets and reusing precious carbon dioxide rather than releasing it into the atmosphere. The benefits include cost savings, reducing greenhouse emissions—and, some say, better beer.

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How to Move More Merch

Pulling double-duty in terms of revenue and marketing, merchandise can be a lucrative source of extra cash for small breweries. Here are five strategies to sell swag that drinkers can’t wait to buy.

Q&A: 3 Fonteinen’s Werner van Obberghen

The business of supporting a creative brewing and blending enterprise is always delicate, but in the case of 3 Fonteinen, the weight of history and the expectations that come with brewing inside a storied tradition can create additional challenges.

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Putting the Room in Taproom: Hospitality Design with Space to Breathe

Two years of pandemic have altered hospitality and the beer industry in meaningful ways. Here’s a look at how COVID has—and hasn’t—shifted taproom architecture and design.

Infographic: Hops In, Hops Out

Hops are an international crop. Here, we’ve charted the inflows and outflows of the U.S. hop market, as suppliers ship to brewers around the world and as American brewers import mainly from Europe, Oceania, and Britain.

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Ready to Tango? New Hop Varieties on the Way

From Anchovy to Vista, here are some interesting hop cultivars on the immediate horizon—plus a couple of experiments that may be the next to get names.

The Beer Ticker: Industry News & Notes

From our upcoming Spring issue of the Brewing Industry Guide, here’s a roundup of some recent news, notes, and announcements from around the industry.

A Small Brewery’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

You see them on TikTok and Instagram, posing or even lip-syncing while proudly showing off a can of another brewery’s beer. Who are these people? Should you engage or avoid? And what’s the ROI?

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What’s Going on in There? Looking at the Tech that Looks into Your Fermentors

Devices that monitor fermentation in real time and apps that make data analysis a snap can help improve quality and output. They can also save breweries money, reducing the chances for error.

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Bubbling Up: Hop Water Is on the Rise

In demand and on trend, hop water is proving to be a low-effort, high-reward offering for many small breweries.