John Holl

John Holl is the author of Drink Beer, Think Beer: Getting to the Bottom of Every Pint, and has worked for both Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® and All About Beer Magazine.

Case Study: Lamplighter

With a coffee shop, brewery, taproom, and kitchen all within a 10,000-square-foot space in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lamplighter Brewing is filling a need for the local community, no matter the time of day.

On-Premise: Managing Multiple Taprooms

Opening new locations that serve as satellite locations for your beers has the potential for great success.

Case Study: Workhorse

Learn what you don’t know, then get the right help to execute. Workhorse Brewing in Pennsylvania is planning on growth through smart applications of elbow grease.

Marketing Beer: Give Me Space

With more breweries than ever and crowded shelf space, getting precious off-premise real estate takes hard work. Once you get it, keeping that placement takes more of the same.

Tools of the Trade: Managing Beer Releases

Special releases aren’t seasonal anymore. For many breweries, these have become a weekly or monthly affair. Add to that membership clubs that offer special access, and you need a way to track each bottle and can.

Brewing Trends: Strong Times for Hard Seltzer

There’s no denying the popularity of hard seltzer—the beverage success story of 2019. Unlike with beverage fads of the past, brewers large and small are betting on the bubbly longevity of hard seltzer, and they're poised to pivot to whatever comes next.

Case Study: Level Beer

Kid- and pet-friendly Level Beer, opened recently in Portland, Oregon, is helmed by industry veterans who wanted a place where they could ply their craft, hang out with their families, and work to make pale ale cool again.

Marketing Beer, Direct to the Consumer

Thanks to the changing face of online sales, it’s possible for all beer to be local. Now might be the time to jump on the bandwagon.

Case Study: Confluence Brewing Company

One of Iowa's largest craft breweries has grown by controlling its own distribution. From the early growler days to the current growth of cans, they’ve found that a personal touch helps them to stay in-demand and get beer to those who want it.

Q & A with Garrett Marrero, Founder of Maui Brewing

When everything you need to make beer is more than 2,000 miles away, you learn to adapt. Here, the founder of Maui Brewing talks with John Holl about sustainability, canned cocktails, and the need to diversify.