No Fest for FoBAB, But Its Barrel-Aged Beer Comp Rolls Forward

The pandemic has sidelined another festival, but the competition for barrel-aged beers will continue, and would-be festgoers can buy mixed sixers to participate from home.

Supply Shortage: The 'Candemic'

The crunch on aluminum cans comes just when COVID-19 fears have made breweries more dependent than ever on packaged-beer sales. Relief is unlikely to arrive soon.

Editors’ Picks: How to Make Hard Seltzer

Chris Colby's book digs into the methods, processes, and recipes that commercial brewers are using to grab a slice of the fastest-growing chunk of the drinks market.

Passports, Promos, & Precautions: Virtual GABF Goes Local, Nationwide

The Great American Beer Festival will happen this year, but in an altered and dispersed form. Besides a two-day virtual event, hundreds of breweries around the country are offering sweet deals to passport holders. The crazy thing? It just might work.

Ingredients Shopping Goes Virtual, for Now

From online hops selection and virtual harvest to Craft Malt Week, producers and brewers are finding new ways to connect while travel is limited.

Rethinking Brewery & Taproom Design in Light of the Pandemic

Gabe McKee, design principal at V Three Studios, explains how flexibility and reassuring design will help breweries prepare for the months to come and future events.

Q&A: Eric Wallace of Left Hand Brewing

The longtime co-owner and operator of Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, Colorado, shares perspectives on adapting to crises and getting people and businesses safely through this pandemic.

Pacific Northwest Hop Fields Sustain Storm Damage, Because It’s 2020

Labor Day windstorms damage up to 5 percent of Yakima Chief’s remaining crop in Washington and Idaho, with the response complicated by wildfires and apple harvest.

Business and Planning: Running into the Storm

No one asked for a pandemic, but here we are. As with any challenging situation, you can run and hide, or you can adapt and survive. Adam Robbings, cofounder of Reuben’s Brews, lays out a blueprint for the latter.

Selling Beer: The Challenge & Opportunity of Direct-to-Consumer Beer Shipping

Alex Koral, senior regulatory counsel of Sovos ShipCompliant, shares his expertise on the changing regulatory landscape for brewers considering whether to send beer directly to their customers.