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Brewery ESOPs: Avoiding the Pitfalls

All things considered, ESOPs present a very compelling tax-effective exit strategy that can balance the change of ownership while maintaining control, but ESOPs are not without pitfalls. Here are seven of them that you should avoid at all cost.

Case Study: Rising Tide Brewing Co.

Nathan Sanborn of Rising Tide Brewing Co. looks back at his decade of brewing to see the future. From changes in packaging to walking the line between core beers and fads, above all else, he cares about quality and sees it as the driver of his success.

BY: John Holl

Working with Adjunct Ingredients

As a brewer, part of your primary education involves how to store and care for beer’s primary ingredients. But learning about how to properly house adjuncts can mean the difference between a vibrant beer and a stale one.

BY: John Holl

Brewers Association Releases 2018 Top 50 Brewing Companies By Sales Volume

Of the top 50 overall brewing companies, 40 were small and independent craft brewing companies.

The Science of Exploding Beer Cans

Matthew Farber, PhD, shares common reasons why beer cans fail and what you can do to prevent potentially dangerous or embarrassing packaging mishaps.

Brewery Marketing & Branding: Developing a Unique Brand Voice

Do you want to break through the clutter and noise that exists in beer marketing today? Chad Melis offers four essential points to keep in mind as you develop your brand, connect with beer drinkers and move more beer.

Helping Hazy: Keeping Yeast (and the Bottom Line) Healthy

To re-pitch yeast or to “pitch and ditch”—that is the question. Doing a cost analysis can help hazy IPA brewers of all sizes really think about the best yeast option to not only create a desired beer but also to keep the bottom line in the black.

BY: John Holl

Case Study: Bagby Beer Company

Bagby Beer Company is built on a model that might seem quaint by today’s standards. As a brewpub that focuses just as much on food and cocktails as the beer, it stands out in a crowded marketplace with a commitment to quality and beer history.

BY: John Holl

Malt Handling: Avoid Common Sizing Mistakes

If you’re designing a malt-handling system for a new brewery or brewery upgrade, these considerations and calculations can save you time and money as you avoid costly mistakes from misunderstandings of manufacturers’ speed and volume ratings.

Railtown Brewing Company reaches settlement in trademark infringement lawsuit

The opponent, formerly known as “Railbird Taphouse and Brewery,” has agreed to change the name of its brewpub